Beyond both Hallin & Mancini and Freedom House

What Mapping Media Freedom is all about

Written by Michael Meyen

Following Hallin and Mancini’s seminal works on comparing mass media systems (2004, 2012), Mapping Media Freedom asks for major principles that could explain different mass media structures around the globe. To put it another way: What or who actually decides on national media structures and, therefore, on journalists’ working conditions and the quality of media content in a certain society? Why has the Turkish government, to take an obvious example, the sufficient basis for targeting opposition journalists, banning particular topics from the public agenda and repressing protests against those measures? Why would Uganda’s president, in a similar situation, have no reason to fear any public outcry, and why are journalists in Singapore not even aware that their rulers might pursue any aim other than the greater good?

Researching Media Freedom

Predecessors and Models

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Michael Meyen: Beyond both Hallin & Mancini and Freedom House. What Mapping Media Freedom is all about. In: Michael Meyen (ed.), Mapping Media Freedom. LMU Munich: Department of Communication Studies and Media Research 2017. (access date)

Team Media Freedom visiting Moscow

Team Media Freedom visiting Moscow in November 2016
Natalie Berner, Nadine Wallnöfer, Antonia Paal, Hannah Schädlich (front, left to right),
Michael Meyen, Kerem Schamberger, Julia Traunspurger, Moritz Schweiger, Katharina Dorn, Daria Gordeeva (back, left to right).