Media System Research
Written by Katharina Dorn and Julia Traunspurger

This chapter provides an overview of current media system research. To do so, a closer look at both media freedom indices such as those published by Freedom House, IREX, or Reporters Without Borders and academic research is inevitable. In the end, this chapter helped to develop the category system that guided our very own research.
Rankings of media freedom
The forefathers of comparative media system research
Hallin and Mancini-revisited: The De-Westernization of media system research
Hans Bredow Institute, Roger Blum & BRICS: collection of media system portraits
Expansion and revision of the original framework
Recommended citation form:
Katharina Dorn, Julia Traunspurger: Media System Research. In: Michael Meyen (ed.), Mapping Media Freedom. LMU Munich: Department of Communication Studies and Media Research 2017. (access date)

Collected works for media system research.