Structuration Theory
Written by Hannah Schädlich and Daria Gordeeva

Modern societies are becoming increasingly complex and the field of sociology attempts to understand these intricate relationships, providing ideas of how things belong together. Our research on media systems worldwide is based on the structuration theory developed by British sociologist Anthony Giddens, which has been widely adopted for the analysis of international relations (Dany, 2013: 41). As any other social theory, it establishes connections between terms and concepts and is based on the analysis of both structure and agents (without giving primacy to either). Thus, social theories are used to study, interpret and explain social phenomena, in our case ‒ creation and reproduction of media systems.

Elements of the theory of structuration
Structuration theory and category system
Structuration theory and media systems

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Hannah Schädlich, Daria Gordeeva: Structuration Theory. In: Michael Meyen (ed.), Mapping Media Freedom. LMU Munich: Department of Communication Studies and Media Research 2017. (access date)

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