State and other impacts

A media system typology

Written by Michael Meyen

As outlined in the about us section, Mapping Media Freedom asks for major principles that could explain different mass media structures around the globe. To put it another way: What or who actually decides on national media structures and, therefore, on journalists’ working conditions and the quality of media content in a certain society? As also mentioned in the background section, the way to the target is, not particularly surprising, a media system typology based on two dimensions: formal expectations and the gateways to mass media used by the state.


Getting the two typology dimensions

Idealism and Patriotism

Etatism and Clientelism

Cartelism and Liberalism

What decides on national media structures?


Recommended citation form
Michael Meyen: State and other impacts. A media system typology. In: Michael Meyen (ed.), Mapping Media Freedom. LMU Munich: Department of Communication Studies and Media Research 2017. (access date)